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    Thank you USMLE Eagle



    I wanted to share my story about my medical school and my passing step 1. I went to Dominica and got hit by a Hurricane spent some time on a boat then in the middle of Tennessee. When I finally finished I had to take my comp exam, I failed it numerous times and was given one more shot at taking it. My Dean Recommend USMLE eagle in Orlando. This place is simply amazing hence this post. I needed a lot of help to build my foundation, my tutors and Dr N Got me on track. They were wonderful coaches. The lectures were pin pointed only for high yield material and then we were drilled on the essential points and as my knowledge started to grow and my understanding of physiology started to improve my bank scores started to jump. After 5 weeks I passed my comp exam YIPPIE!!! After finding out I passed I went back to eagle and sat for my exam within 4 weeks. I loved going back and working on how to break down the concepts using their method of answering questions and being challenged by their tutors and lecturers. When I received my score back I scored almost at the national U.S average, something I never thought I could do. However Dr N made me believe in myself. Her ability to get me the right help and figuring out how to learn I will forever be grateful for. She is the person that has had the most positive influence on me during my medical education. If anyone is struggling like I DID this is the place for you! Thank you Eagle

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