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    Remarkable Tutoring Program


    ‘If you do not pass, you do not pay…’


    • · Seventeen years of instruction
    • · ‘If you do not pass, you do not pay…’
    • · Our unique, ‘Watson/Alexa’-like Cutting Edge -CLOUD-based O.M.N.I-NSTANT COMMUNICATOR-BASED EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM* provides an intuitive, fast-access interface that integrates a student's preferred communication applications into a single application which can be downloaded to all mobile devices - personal computers, smartphones or tablets - giving students and their respective Ivy League MD- teachers the ability to communicate and collaborate anywhere in real time. This (patent pending) application ditches standard unwieldy SMS-based and phone-based communication and leverages instant messaging, allowing students and teachers to quickly and easily communicate with each other, make important announcements, and make ‘real-time’ study-related adjustments (i.e., en route to covering two to four years of grueling licensure material-in a matter of weeks!...).


    QUESTIONS? (9-Noon, Eastern Time)

    · Ph# Six four one, seven one five, thirty-nine hundred, ext nine five two, nine seven nine (24-7 info line podcast) for immediate details on our:


    ØProspectus ( Program of Study: USMLE Steps’ Outlines; Demo ourCutting edge CLOUD-based O.M.N.I-NSTANT COMMUNICATOR-BASED EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM)

    ØRegistration (thirteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars per step)

    ü Financing Packages (through our sister firm)

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