Hi everyone..I just gave my step 1 exam a while back....Iíve been a silent observer of this forum, and this forum has helped me alot...just wanna say ..keep up the good work guys, and keep helping each other ..ALLAH will help u. !
ok...as for the exam experience....like a lot of ppl here have said..the exam is very doable ...
I found it to be much easier than q bank...but q bank is pretty good cause in the end u have a lot of hy stuff memorized..altho I felt that q bank stresses on a lot of stuff that I didnít see in my exam..(maybe other ppl did)
For eg. ..I know it may be hard to believe but I didínt even get 1 q over the HLA antigens. And which disease expresses which one..( I actually did have one q..but it was impossible to figure out)....I didínt have that many qís over the chromosomal translocations and tumor suppresor and oncoges..., I had no qís over the amyloid proteins. Also...I had more histo then I had expected, a lot of em ...
(I had no clue).
As usual it was very highly tested (apoptosis, complement pathway, congenital heart defects, vitamin deficies...esp in alcoholics..know the exact mech. , ards, esophageal diseases, ibd, hepatitis, pyelonephritis, minimal change dis., prostatic ca., a lot on endo...pth and ca.and vit d relationship v. v.imp. , musk skeltal system qís, huntingdonsí dis. Know the exact mech. Of the cns disorders.
I didínt have as much micro as I had expected....but they tested very basic concepts like eg.
Optochin / bacitracin sensitivity..usually they had more than one clue as to the offending org. I used micro, and looked at the pics in mrs. ..and it was more than enuf.
I didnt seem that much biochem at all..I was very surprised even when I was doing the test , I was thinking maybe there will be more, in the next block , but there was barely any..and the few qís they had were very to the point...hmp cycyle, coriís dis., pcr, scid, some single dis. Qís. I did kaplan and lippin for it.
There was more behavioral than I expected, a lot of ethics qís....I would highly recommend kaplan web prep for it, its amazing.
There was one hard weinberg q, one q on sensitivity, just how to calculate it. ..a lot of qís over the defense mech.and personality disorders...I did only kaplan for it , and its enuf.
like I said there was more histo then I expected, and kaplan was not sufficient for it...
There was barely any gross ana 1 lower limb q. , 2-3 upper limb qís ..know uír ul nerves down packed.....very highy tested. , cleft lip, cleft palate., know diff. B/w facial nv. Lesion umn and lmn, , cerebral vessels and what area is affected on occlusion.
Physi...v.highly tested..acid base disturbances, endo, autoregulation., cheyne stokes breathing, apneustic breathing, know the adrenal hyperplasias..well....I did kaplan..it was enuf.

Pharma...v. highly tested...more pharma than I expected, but It was pretty easy I thought......a lot of mech.of actions.,a lot of autonomic pharma.and antihypertensive, I q over anti arrythmis,, know se of antihyperlipidemics, , drugs of abuse, and symp. Produced by them, moa of antibacterial drugs., nsaids moa and se, , thrombolytics,
anticanc moa., I did kaplan and it was enuf.

Over all I thought my exam was mostly patho physio and pharma.

In my nbme test I got a 450 2 wks b/f the test. And igot a 38, 40, 40 on my usmle cd.

Plz feel free to email me if u have any other qís....and good luck to u all

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