20 y.o. Female, dancer, gets weekend headaches, headaches limited to R. side of head, centered around R. temple. She can sense the headache coming due to vision changes that precede the headache by 30 minutes, she sees sparkling lights just to the L. of the center of her vision. There is a blind spot. As the blind spot clears, the headache starts. Headache duration is 1 hr., associated w/ nausea and vomiting. Hard, but USMLE has this as a classic presentation. What is this?

1- Classic migraine
2- Cluster headache
3- Common migraine
4- Trigeminal neuralgia
5- Sinusitis
6- Temporal arteritis
7- Vertebrobasilar migraine
8- Hemiplegic migraine
9- Atypical facial pain
10- Postherpetic neuralgia
11- Blunt trauma from jealous boyfriend

Know how EACH one of the above should present and how to tell them apart. This concept is ASSURED to be seen.

Secondly, do you know the tx. of each of the above?

a) This is simply classic migraine. DO NOT just now skip to the next question/concept. Go over with a friend the signs and symptoms of each of the rest of the classic headaches (with the exception of the last question choice of course

KNOW that classic migraine usu is familial, unilateral, throbbing head pain, diminishes w/ age, there is often a blind spot/scotoma, defect can change in minutes, can intrude on central vision.

AGAIN, know the rest of the answer choices and how they present by heart. You will be asked this question in some form.