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    exam on 18th may.......tommyk please reply


    need some real motivating words.........
    40 % uw questions are yet to be done,yet to take NBME,REVISE ALL SUBJECTS ONCE MORE....my plan really overwhelms me....oh i forgot,yet to do step up.....review first aid.

    advice from tommyk,would be precious to me.
    nothing against anyone else,...i just trust him....i would really appreciate if u could reply & HELP ME.
    need help with my schedule as to what to do first.i m enrolled to uw till 11th.obviously i'll hav to finish that first,...another ques is after i m done with uw questions ,will it be helpful to redo them as i heard some one mentioning on this forum.....
    so far i hav done uw subjectwise in test mode got 55-72%.

    any input will be appreciated .

    Last edited by navpreet; 04-30-2007 at 12:34 PM. Reason: cant wait.....need to mention in the title....request to tommyk

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