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    passed exam!..got 215...exam experience.


    took my exam in dec..got result 2 weeks ago..sorry did not write earlier...i have been a silent observer in this forum. and i would like to thank every body in this forum as the questions and answers here were quite helpful..this was my experience:
    first of all go to the exam with a very fresh mood..it is going to be a long and draining exam. the exam was not easy , but quite doable.do lots of questions..it helps..i did kaplan qbank, q book,blackwell , nbme
    and questions that were given in the brs books.
    i did mostly kaplan books and brs books.
    exam had mostly patho phsiology questions..about 40%, next molecular , cell biology, genetics and bio chem made up 30-35%.some of the bio stats questiond were long and difficult. i had 2 per block. beh sc was mostly ethics and doc patient relationships.
    pharm questions were direct and do able.
    they had very few direct physio questions..mosly with graphs.the neuro anant questions were mostly asked tho pics..i had 6 or 7 of them.
    micro qs were easy and very few. first aid is very helpful for the last few days. i stuck to it during the last 2 weeks.

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    Good for you. All our blessings from the big HEART of ValueMD

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