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    What program should I waste my money on?


    Dude I'm tired of research...what is the best course from your experience?

    I found some free stuff from www.gotmedbooks.com which a good start but I think I need to pay for something now.

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    It really depends on how much money and time you can afford to invest into preparation for Step 1. It also depends on how comfortable you feel with the material you have already learned in school (i.e. would you like a live teacher/lecture to help guide).

    I would say Q bank for 3 months is a must, do all the NMBEs, and then depending on your situation, you could invest in a commercial review course. If you do, I personally recommend Kaplans, because they do have some great teachers and good (well tested) material (but this can get expensive). Also make sure you have First Aid, and what ever you think you are going to do, get some good subject review books.
    Hope this helps

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