How are you all doing? I would first like to thank all the individuals who take time out of their busy lives to answer questions- your advice and insight is invaluable! I have been accepted as a transfer student into UMHS' 5th semester at Portland Maine (for January 2015). I am excited yet apprehensive. I have a lot of questions pertaining to the 5th semester and was wondering if anyone could answer them.

1. How does the Kaplan program work- are we in a Kaplan facility or at the UMHS campus? Is there class everyday for 7 weeks?

2. After the Kaplan program is done how does clinical revision work? How many days do we spend at the UMHS campus versus in a clinic (at a hospital)? Also, are students placed in a clinic based on their Kaplan Marks or is it all random?

3. How Is the suggested housing - Town Place Suites- is it clean, did you find it adequate- is it centrally located to the campus and hospitals? Are there grocery stores near by?

4. Is a car required? If so, did you Rent one or buy one?

I would sincerely appreciate it if a current/past student could answer the aforementioned questions (it would be awesome if you were currently in med 4 that way i can start connecting with some of my classmates). It is always stressful moving from the known (my current school) to the unknown but i look forward continuing my medical education with this awesome school.