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    UMHS 2012 Facebook Graduation Photos


    In the UMHS Facebook graduation photos, 21 student graduated. On the UMHS website, 17 match sites were listed. I know that a graduation photos may not be a complete representation of an enitre graduating class because some student who graduated may not have attended the graduation, some people who may have graduated in 2011 may have applied for residencies in 2012, or some students who graduated in 2012 may not be applying for residencies until 2013. Also, the amount of student who matched may not actually be 17 based on the fact that they listed 17 sites because more than one person could have matched into one site as in 2011 at University of Nevada (Reno, NV)-Internal Medicine.

    Therefore, my question is how many UMHS students actually applied for residencies for 2012 and how many actually matched.
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