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    Prospective student questions


    I very recently learned about UMHS, and was hoping to find out a little bit more about the school and its current accreditation status. I am a Florida resident, and am relatively new to the discussions regarding rotations and residency. I apologize for my naivete, but any clarification anyone could provide would be very much appreciated. I will most likely be applying for the May 2012 semester, and am rather confused regarding UMHS' current status. As I understand it, the school is not currently approved for students to perform clinical rotations, but it is possible for graduates to obtain licensure in these states. Is that accurate for the most part, or am I way off base?

    I have no interest in ever living in CA, but the FL issue is of particular concern to me. Ultimately, my goal is to graduate from medical school, and eventually practice in FL. I was also wondering if anyone could provide clarification on the green book vs. blue book subject, as I am thoroughly confused about that. I apologize if this post doesn't make too much sense, it is late and I'm exhausted, but any input would be a huge help!

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    If you are interested in getting a residency in Florida, I would suggest pursuing a spot at a school that has clear defined Florida state approval and clinical rotations. There is no point to fight your way through this system and work hard to pass medical school, score extremely high on your board examinations, jump through all the other myriad of hoops, hurdle all the future obstacles - and not be able to obtain residency or ultimately practice where you want to go.
    Another piece of advice to give you if you do end up at an international medical school - you will NOT have much control over where you end up - you truly have to follow what opportunities open up, and be willing to practice anywhere.

    That is not to say that the school won't have Florida State approval by the time you would enter a residency (as a current student, I would certainly hope it would), but to expect it would be to set yourself up for disappointment, failure, and resentment.

    I have not done deep research on the situation myself, so I will give u invaluable advice - whenever there is something this important, that will really impact your decision - and ignorance of which would be an unimaginable blunder for your career planning - please ask the source directly - the Commission for Independent Education (Florida) - and ask your questions. Commission for Independent Education - Contact Us

    The crucial questions to have answered would be:
    - currently, which Caribbean/International schools can do:
    a) 3rd year (core) clinical rotations in Florida
    b) 4th year (elective) clinical rotations in Florida
    - graduates of which Caribbean/International schools can:
    c) obtain a residency position in a Florida program
    d) obtain post-residency training license to practice in Florida after residency training
    e) *a list of criteria needed to obtain this license (for international medical graduates)

    Please inform us of your findings.
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