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    just my experience at UMHS....


    This is just my input on my experience. I hope it helps anyone looking at going to UMHS.

    First off, by coming to the Caribbean I knew that I was taking a risk on my future - in reality, not everyone that goes to the Caribbean for medical school does not become a doctor and does not finish and/or not able to as easily practice in North America. I knew these facts before I even started looking at Caribbean schools. I am sure most students looking at the Caribbean know this - if they don't - they probably didn't have enough background information on medical school in general in the first place. But putting this aside, I felt and still do feel confident in my abilities to do well on the boards and succeed in my career. I made some mistakes early on in Undergrad which led me to the Caribbean. Do I wish I went to med school in North America? Of course. But I didn't I am here and I am dealing with it. And I am succeeding. And UMHS has given me the opportunity to do so.

    The admin and faculty have been more than helpful. They have supported me though my education this far, and I am looking forward to continue to receive my education from them. They really do try to make everything work for the students as much as possible. I have had some amazing professors and some not so amazing professors. But this is how it is everywhere - yes, that includes US med schools. My best friend back in the US goes to school at a top 10 nationally ranked US school. And I hear the very same complaints about professors not being able to teach in certain classes. The reality - you are going to get good and bad professors everywhere you go. Think about your undergrad - was every single professor you had fantastic? or did you have some lousy profs there too?

    I have heard some people complain about the current interim dean, Dr. V. I think he is the perfect person for the job. Yes, I admit, sometimes he can give off an arrogant vibe. And he may disregard some stuff. But I can tell you that he is a very fair person. He gives a lot of stuff careful consideration. A lot of the way he responds to you will be based on a couple of things - one, how you approach him about the situation and two, how much effort you have put into solving or working things out. If you are looking for the easy way out of a situation, he is not going to help. And I don't see anything wrong with that. We are all in this to become doctors. We are all here to one day help other people out in their vulnerable times. We can not rely on others to solve all our problems for us or by the time we get to the real world - we will have no clue what to do!

    I see many people on here complaining of USMLE scores and the school not being transparent about things. I agree. The school seems to hide things from us - or at least that is the feeling I get. And I don't know what the exact scores have been. But I have talked with other students that have come from UMHS and have done well on the boards. So it is possible. I think people just need to stop worrying about statistics and what other people did and just worry about yourself! Study your a** off and give it everything. If this is really what you want to do with your life, studying extra hard for it should not be a problem. All I can think about is how much more I want to study. And it has nothing to do with board exams or grades. I want to study so when something presents to me when I am in a clinical setting, I will have ideas of what it is, and will be able to help my patient. Which is the exact reason why I am in medical school. This is my passion. There is nothing else I want to do. It all comes down to how much you want it. And it doesn't matter where you go to school.

    All in all, I am happy with my educational experience so far at UMHS. I am not saying problems don't exist - they do. But they do everywhere. It is up to us as individuals to overcome these and become stronger, better people - and physicians - for it!

    You get what you put in.
    "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success"

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    Very well put, pudendal!!
    *I choose to live forever, or die trying to*

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