The day I won that trophy
I was only eight years old
"great job!" "you did it"
I remember being told
I held on to the little statue
and somewhere in my mind
the only things I could think was
"I'll do better next time"

Graduation day had come
"we are so proud of you"
"you're the one who is making
all our families dreams come true"
I knew to them that this day
was not a little thing achieved
but graduation? really?
that's not what i believed

It won't be too long before
they're putting "Dr." before my name
this is more than they ever hoped
in fact, it's almost insane
years of fighting through the work
hours of study and might
but i'm still not sure it's that great
maybe i need some insight

my resume's filled with accomplishments
but still i always find
that's it only what I haven't done
that's always on my mind

always dreaming of tomorrow
always wanting more and more
contentment seems to be
behind some hidden door

while many say i should be thankful
to be in the shoes i'm in
all i can think about
is where other shoes have been

and i wonder what will happen
when i'm on my dying bed
will i be able to say it was worth it
whatever life i've lead
will i believe i did all i could do
will i feel it was a job well done?
will i feel it was a losing battle
or a fight i finally won?

for now, i'll just keep pushing
trying harder than they say i should
because ever since i got that trophy
it just felt so damn good