95 Sidekick, Automatic 4*4 soft top, loads of work done- new Radiator system, new break lines, booster and master cylinder, re-built engine, new door panels, electrical work (all lights now work), doors and windows work(manual) from outside and in, new air filter, new rear shocks, new tie rod end, new tires *4, Great jeep to get around the island, not restricted by any road condition, Excellent ride with the top down, Good on gas consumption (4 cyl). Half of invested price $4,500 obo,FS Suzuki  Sidekick Jeep 1995-img_0852.jpgFS Suzuki  Sidekick Jeep 1995-img_0850.jpgFS Suzuki  Sidekick Jeep 1995-img_0848.jpgFS Suzuki  Sidekick Jeep 1995-img_0843.jpg