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    *****MD4 Leaving the Island SALE*****


    I am selling all sorts of things which may be of great use to those who are staying on the island. Here is a list of things I am selling:

    Canon Printer--------------------------------------------------------50USD

    • Comes with original packaging
    • Original software/ Driver CD included
    • Used only for 2 semesters sparingly
    • USB cable separate for 10EC

    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Pneumatic leather office chair---------------------------20 USD/ OBO

    • This chair has a back support long enough to cover entire back, neck, and head.
    • The arm rests have come loose, however, one can easily reattach them with some house hold tools.
    • This chair has been used for only 2 semesters

    Oscillating Fan---------------------------------------------------------40EC

    • Color: black
    • 16" blades
    • Height 4.5ft Adjustable
    • This fan has only been used for 2 semesters

    Styling Hairdryer----------------------------------------------------5USD
    This is not your ordinary hairdryer, this is a triple action unit:
    o Ordinary hairdryer
    o Curling
    o Ionic Volumizing
    This unit has been used for 3 semesters only.

    Brand new in the box desk lamp-----------------------------------------------------------------------25EC
    Lamp has never been used; my housing provided its own lamps.
    Bulb included
    Color: black
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Light bulbs---------------------------------------------------------------1EC
    2 included
    40watt each
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Medium Size Stapler---------------------------------------------------5EC
    Color: Red
    Staples up to 15sheets at a time
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    White Printer paper---------------------------------------------------18EC
    Enough paper to print a 500 page textbook!
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Metric rule----------------------------------------------------------------1EC
    This ruler came in handy during the PPD test in Pathology 1.
    This is a full size 12 ruler.
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    White clean dish rack------------------------------------------------1USD
    This rack can hold a ton of kitchen plates, knifes, spoons, forks, and much more
    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Fly swatter/ Mosquito coil/ Ant killer/ Roach killer COMBO-----------------------------------------------------------------10EC
    This fly swatter has been a life saver on this island, and it can be for you too!
    This combo also includes 2 BOXES of mosquito coils
    o Each box has 6 coils total
    Complete boxes of ant killer and cockroach plates to be placed strategically around the house!

    Electric Mosquito killer-------------------------------7EC

    • Amazing mosquito killer!
    • shaped like a racket for ease
    • takes two D-cell batteries, included

    Picasa Web Albums - Rubal

    Indoor cloths drying chandelier------------------------------------------------------------------2EC
    This clothes dryer can hold up to 20 pieces of garments

    If interested contact at:
    Email:[email protected]
    Tel: 762-6102
    For US and Canada callers: 386-246-8723
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