all prices are listed in EC. call me 762-5287 or pm me. items are in Nevis but can be brought to you!!
Living Room
clip on lamp>>>25
5 piece wire desk organizer>>>>>50
Kitchen items
Corell-ceramic plate set (4 sml,4 lrg plates,4 bowls,2 mugs)>>70
wine glasses (4)>>>50
small refrigerator magnets(5)>>7
chip bag clips (6 small and large)>>>15
cutting board>>>>10
ice tray>>>10 (3 available>fun shapes!)
can opener>>>>10
frying pans (3 different sizes)>>>50
small pot with drainer lid>>>25
large oversized pot>>>>40
large lot of random sized tupperware>>>50
serving spoons>>>10
salt and fresh pepper shaker>>>15
oversized tinker bell mug>>>>25
travel coffee mug>>>>>15
over the shower hanging basket>>>>>20
garbage basket>>>10
yellow duck shower curtain>>>>20
wooden laundry basket>>>>>80
Electronics and computer accessories
surge protector>>>20
ethernet cord (extra long)>>>70
18 black laptop case>>>10
Jansport laptop bag/messenger bag>>>50
Lap desk for your laptop>>>80
mop and bucket>>>30
small basket>>>15
hanging cubicles for the closet>>>>25
travel iron>>>25
hangers (10)>>>> 10