May I add a final advice on this topic, as I have seen many differing opinions.

The first week or orientation can be very painful with all of the parading around the campuses and registering and taking pre exams in spanish, personality and such,
No matter what any one says, it is HARDER to get your FM3 after you arrive here. The immigration folks at the school (some) are very hard to work with and you will need more and more items to get it. If you can get it in the states, DO IT at all cost. it will be easier for you when you are here. They will just need to register your FM3 when you get here then.

Re: Financial Aid. They will hold your money till after school starts, about 3-4 weeks into August. Apply EARLY and call Sally Mae to make sure the status is moving, as they often sit on a problem and eventually deny before ever telling you.

If you can bring any items for the medical supplies, DO IT. They are expensive and harder to find here. people set up tables on campus and sell them at the ICB, but you will pay much more for the exact same equiptment. If you dont want to buy expensive Welch Allyn, buy cheap, it wont matter.

I hope this helps, there is much I wished I knew before coming here. Its been fun, but there is not much organization and a lot of uncertainty about things. You wont even know what you missed until you see your name on the list hanging somewhere on the ICB campus saying you need to go to the administration office.

Would be glad to help with any questions.