My roomate and I are looking for a third roomate to move in with us apartment in June.
I am a 5th year med student in INTEC, i am an international student, and have been here in the DR for 4 years.
My roomate is Dominican "extranjera" and she recently transferred from INTEC to UNIBE and is currently in semester 10.
We are fun chicas who know when to hit the books and when to let our hair down. We speak fluent english and spanish and we know the city very well.
We are looking for a female roomate, who is looking to stay for at least a year if not longer.

It is in Las Castellanas....en Nunez de Caceres (right infront of the Supermercado Cadena)

It's a 3 bedroom furnished apartment (couches, dining table set, television, fridge, 6 burner cooker, washing machine).
The spare room (bed, closet, ceiling fan, air conditioning) is small-ish and we are renting it at 6000 pesos (about US$167) a month.
The apartment comes with water and telephone (local) included.
There is an inversor and air conditioning in the bedrooms. There is secure enclosed parking space. My roomate also has a car...but we can alternate each month who parks in the space..and who parks right outside on the street (we have neighbors who do this..and so far with no problems).
The area is very nice...quiet...close to a lot of plazas and a big supermarket right across the street.

The apartment is 2 short carrito publico rides away from UNIBE...20-25 mins in regular traffic.

We require one deposit and first month's rent. We will divide the electricity, phone/internet and cable bill into three.

If you are interested you can email