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Thread: Life on DR

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    Life on DR


    Someone please comment on what it is like to live and study on DR. What is the cost of living? Rent? Food? Safety? Do we need a car? What type of transportation available for med students?

    What is it like for a family?

    What are the clinicals like? Do you have to do them all on DR?

    Hopefully there is someone who is willing to shed some info.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm new in this world (website) .. ..but a I try to explain....the life in Dominican REpublic...in the first years ....they are like a nightmare....if you came from organized world....forget that.....here ....another rules are in place.... Its important in the begining to try to find some apartments near the campus.. this give you the opportunity to see for your eyes only the enveroiment in domican republic....and you gain some confidence ....THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM is the electric power...and never drink, eat....anything in the street.....if you take the choice for UNIBE..they have a english section....safety is good....but be carefull in some poor part of the capital..and in nights.....and another important thing ..2004 is year for elections.......and the country have many economical problem...this result in many strike around the country....the average in rent apartment is about 400 dollars to 800 dollar.....more close to the campus ..more expensive...many are empty spaces..... well that all for now .....

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