The Dominican university Or &M and Medical Harvard International, of the University of Hardvard, presented/displayed to the Secretariat of State of Superior Education, Science and Technology, (SEESCYT) the project for the creation in the country of their medicine faculty and the installation of a university educational hospital.
The presentation was done before the Secretary of State of Superior Education, Science and Technology, Andrés lawyer Rafael Kings Rodriguez by a commission headed by doctor Jose Rafael Abinader, director of the university Organization & Method (Or & M), and doctor Robert Crone, president of Medical Harvard International.

The gentlemen Andrew Jeon, vice-president of the Medical Hardvard International, ton Aretz, Albert Gillis, Mel Clouse and Shaw Dallal complete the commission of the university of Harvard.

This project is the result in an agreement signed between Dominican university Or & M and Medical Harvard International, of the University of Harvard, which constitutes the first agreement that makes that prestigious educative center with some country in Latin America.

The project includes the construction of an educational Hospital, which also would be first in the Dominican Republic. Representatives of referred universities presented/displayed to authorities of SEESCYT design curricular, highly novel, that includes the treatment of the subjects, not only longitudinal, but also cross-sectional, so that student, since she initiates his formation until she finishes, approaches the subjects of integral way.

That integral treatment sandal as much what one talks about to basic sciences like a the clinics, doing special emphasis in the relation patient-doctor and service to the community, from the beginning of the vision until the end of the race. It is what we defined as an integral formation. The presentation included, in addition, the curricular design, methodology of education, the comparisons between the traditional system of studies of the medicine. The encounter between the authorities of the SEESCYT and the universities Or & M and Harvard also appeared the description of the facilities as much of the university educational hospital and the Medicine faculty.
One as much stood out in addition the high quality and experience to the educational personnel of Dominican Republic as the originating visitors of the Medicine School of Harvard.