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    Questions to Peter



    From your posts, I guess you are in the Spanish program? But may be you can still provide some info regarding the English program. Here are the some of the questions:

    -Admissions: Can you elaborate on the whole process (timetable, decision, etc...)
    -Once accepted, do you get notified of any pre-med courses (if any) that t you need to take vs., going directly into the MD program.
    -Do you get a list of the books/supplies you will need long enough so you may buy them from the states, or how easy is it to find them there (web site says it's easy to buy textbooks and other materials from DR).
    -You mentioned something about lecture sections, how does that work?
    -Realistically, what is the average cost of living (everything beside tuition) per month/semester/or year? And is Stafford enough to cover that (say for a moderate spender)?
    -How many Stafford disbursements you get per CALENDAR year (12 Months)?

    **Plus any other stuff you can think of, and I thank you for your time and help.

    God Bless!!

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    welll hi! Again!!
    Believe or not I make a good mixture....I take some courses in english and some in spanish....WHY not? Iam Puerto RICAN::
    All process is fast...don't worry about that..you send the application ....(is rare for me why some people have problem to find one)...they make their decision in short time..in any case they call you ...
    THE PROBLEM HERE IS ....YOU HAVE A BACHELOR DEGREE ::RELATED to NAtural SCIENCE....BIOLOGY..microbiology etc....???? IF you have one ....don't worry then....because you enter to the basic program...and they allow to you to take their other courses needed...AND EXAMPLE OF THAT::::I start medicine in UNPHU....I transfer my credits....and take like 9 courses in my first semester....I SURVIVE....of course ... I lost 10 pounds.
    THE PROBLEM IS WHEN ..........YOU DON't have a bachelor degree related .....here you need to start from the beginning....
    IS Easy find the books here...and this country is paradise for the fotocopy..forgeter about author rights..WHY I LIKE THIS PART..because some books are really expensive or no have any use....and why I need to buy them?
    THE LECTURE SECTION is the same like another university.....in the begin of course....in the final years....you have lecture in the morning at school....and practice in one of the hospital
    MY Stafford loan give me all that I need .....and MORE....but remember not exagerate....
    the maximum for a single student is 17,000...married student WITH FAMILY....REMEBER HERE WITH FAMILY::::18,500...for year...they make disbursements at begin of any semester. but you need to fill the paper for the loans 2 times in the year....
    Like a write before....for me the average cost by month is like 750 - 800....MORE OR LESS....remeber this part depend of you...IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN GOOD PLACE ....IN a GOOD APARTMENT WITH 3 rooms...parking...telephone...car...and return home any time that you can ...... ...WARNING!!
    REMMEBER...I SURVIVE 2 ELECTION HERE::::AND HURRICANE GEORGE....and many many many strikes!! is true is not like a war....But have their moments...JAJAJ

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    I agree with you Peter.

    I agree on several points you raise. I'm not sure where exactly you're living though, Perhaps near UNIBE rent is more expensive, but I live in Los Prados (not very close to UNIBE but close to UTESA) and I pay 150.00 dollars per month with inversor, nice qiuet neighborhood, which is extremely difficult to find here, this price also includes electricity. I recently bought a car and with tthe car, food, phone cards, high speed internet I spend around 350.00 dollars per month including rent. I think 750.00 is a very high estimate. There are places here to fit every taste, if you want to spend that much money it's always possibel to do so and live in the lap of luxury, but you can live very well for less than 400.00. With regard to textbooks it all depends on what type of person you are. Do you like to own your own books or do you borrow from friends? Do you sell all your books back at the end of a semester? I like to keep as many of my books as possible. Here it's extremely difficult to find a wide variety of Engligh medical books. There are many in spanish but you'll be using english books to study for your boards. It's nice to have them for reference and not a bunch of worn out photocopies. But to each his own. If you like to have your own medical library then I suggest yoou buy and bring with you what you can because it iwll cost you an arm and a leg here if you're able to find it at all. Next time I come back into the country I'm bringing all my 140 lbs worth of books cause it's hard to get reading material down here.
    God Bless.

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