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    PLEASE PLEASE please help with UK medical schools.


    Hi All,

    I have searched all three major medical fora, and I cannot seem to find a location where my questions have been thoroughly addressed. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!!

    I am really interested in 4 year GEP UK schools for the 2011 entry, and I was wondering where I can find easy-to-comprehend information about them. Specifically, I used UCAS, but I dont understand all these a100 things. I live in canada, and my stats are as follows. Can someone simply tell me if I have a chance and where? Are there any schools which dont require the UKCAT? If not, is it easier than the MCAT? Do I need english undergrad courses to apply to the UK?

    -3.4 gpa (increasing with 3rd and 4th years at 3.89 and 3.91, respectively)
    -28R (10PS, 9BS, 8VR) but no UKCAT
    -m.sc no publications yet but a manuscript may be on the way. lots of presentations though.
    -shadowed surgeries in dermatology and voluntered in the dermatology dept for under a year. will get ref letter from the surgeon I shadowed.
    -volunteered at my local church, world vision, canadian blood services, crisis line and two nursing homes.
    -worked as residence RA and feeder in nursing home

    I apologize if I missed a thread that answered my questions. Thanks everyone!!
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    Hey MTB,

    First off, UCAS should be able to answer your questions entirely. Be patient and read through all the information on eligibility to apply. You can also go to each universities website and read about eligibility for the programmes. It will take you time. But so will being a medic. So just spend an evening and read through each of the application requirements. Oh, and the A100 thing: that's the course code that UCAS applies to courses so they know what you're applying for. Medicine is usually A100 or A101 or something like that. Again, this is found on the UCAS website or on the university's website under 'How to Apply'.

    Right, here's the skinny on GEPs: Most GEPs are designed for British/European nationals who already hold an undergraduate degree. The second advantage (after being a four year programme, versus the traditional five year programm found at all other medical schools) is the students typically only pay tuition for the first year of the four year programme. The NHS then pays the tuition for the remaining 3 years. Free medical school? Is there a catch? Yes! Of course there is: Unless you've lived in the UK or Europe for three years before starting the course you would not likely be considered for the GEP as the preference is given to those who will stay here in the long term AND they are the only ones who would qualify for their tuition fees to be paid by the state.

    I know in the past Oxford and Cambridge have had spots on their GEPs for non-UK/EU residents. They cost a lot (25,000GBP/year) and I think there were only 12 spots available. They get something like 1200 applications. I suppose it's worth a shot, but bear in mind that it'll be 1 in every 100 who gets in.

    But what if you're a dual national? (i.e. a Canadian with a British Passport or an Italian Passport). Short Answer: Doesn't matter unless you can prove you lived here (or somewhere in the EU) for 3 years before the start of your degree. They're ruthless. They'll check.

    UKCAT: Everywhere requires this test to be completed prior to application with the exception of Bristol and Liverpool (double check Liverpool)

    Your grades are good - as is your education and experience. Consider applying to the 5 year programmes as well if you're really serious about studying medicine. Remember, you can only apply to four options on the UCAS application. Make them count!

    Best of luck

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