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    6 year medical programs in Ireland/UK..Need help!



    I am a student from Israel and I am interested in applying to medical school in either the UK or Ireland. I have physics(96%) and Math(97%) and English (94%) (equivalent to A levels) but no Chemistry or Biology, I have also taken the psychometric exam (similar to SAT) and received a 738.

    What schools should I look into that have a 6 year program (I don't have a first degree so I'm looking for a program that combines the two)

    What requirements would I need in general?

    Thanks for any help you can give me,


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    This book will help you alot in your study

    Biology 6th edition Campbell Reece student Guide
    you will find the book in ebay go to ebay and write Biology 6th edition Campbell
    you will find the book in ebay and its cheap
    This book is as good as new

    includes a fantastic CD
    Great Book for biology if your stuck at anything concerning biology this is the right book for you.

    This textbook explained everything in such an interesting and lucid way. The pictures and diagrams are wonderful and incredibly helpful. To give a random example, the chapters on cell mitosis and meiosis. This can be a potentially difficult subject if you're expected to memorize the various stages, and what the chromosomes are doing and when, but this book gives very helpful and colorful diagrams and light micrographs of each stage. The authors really understand the importance of visual learning in conjunction with reading.

    Speaking of the authors, I was pleasantly surprised that the writing had a hint of personality, and didn't have the dreaded "textbook dry" monotone. It didn't feel as if robots wrote the book, as in some textbooks. I noticed they reinforced important core concepts throughout to drum it into the students head, like the the connection between "form and function", or how the size and shape of, for example an enzyme, is really it's most important characteristic.

    This book is good as new and it comes with a cd-rom, that will helpful your over the top.In it are all sorts of quizzes and tests, various links to helpful internet sites, Animations and voice commentary of each chapter. Many people are visual learners, and sometimes they get a much deeper understanding of something when they see it in action.

    I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Biology. and need help in it, or studying it, Its also very helpful for medical Students.

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