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    Package for Sale walking distance to ICB


    1. Walking distance to ICB.
    2. First floor.
    3. Privileged parking space (first one to the building door).
    4. Handyman lives in basement of building. Available 24hrs and provides security for parking lot.
    5. Landlord's office is in building next door. Very nice guy & responsible. The type of service you would expect in the states.
    6. Spacious apartment includes outdoor laundry room (washer and dryer included in package), terrace with plants (mint, roses, lemongrass), dining area, family room, gym room, office, walk in closet, bedroom.
    7. All kitchen appliances: silverware, plates, cups, mugs, coffee maker, espresso maker, coffee grinder, blender, pots & pans, 2 george foreman grills, barbecue grill, tea kettle, toaster oven, microwave, pizza stone, pizza peel, toaster...
    8. Desk, two office chairs, printer/scanner, Altec Lansing speakers & woofer, internet and cable service set up.
    9. Eliptical cardio machine, heavy bag for kickboxing with outside rack to hang.
    10. Bed, mattress, 2 nightstands.
    11. Kaplan book series review for the USMLE Step 1 original color series...
    12. Books in good or mint condition: Robbins Pathology textbook and qbook, Pappa Moore Anatomy textbook, Constanzo Physiology, Guyton Physiology, Murray Microbiology, Habilidades Clinicas UAG (currently out of print and very useful for clinical medicine tests starting first semester), assorted BRS board review series, Lippincott Biochemistry, First Aid, other books, notes etc...

    price for package $3500 USD
    I am leaving ASAP! Like right now!
    Drop me a line and I will send pictures.
    Don't waste your time at Guadalajara and have everything set up when you get there! The apartment complex is a safe and friendly environment with UAG students. Starbucks is one block away; supermarket one block away; pharmacy two blocks away; oxxo (mexican seven-eleven) is one block away; really good fish taco place two blocks away; meat market one block away; many many restaurants close-by; dry cleaners one block away; full laundry service one block away...

    vonage 215-693-6268
    mexico 33-12-33-04-89
    s a p i e n s 1 0 1 @ h o t m a i l . c o m
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    Is it a 1 bedroom? And what is the monthly rent with/without utilities? Thanks!

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