I have a Taurus -Mercury iron for sale rated at 1100 watts. It's got your usual light indicator for when it is operational, temperature control dial, and steam/dry button. I used this iron for one semester; no other filthy hands have desecrated this tool of modern fashion necessity. It has a clean, white color and ergonomically fits in your hand. It is not heavy and so reduces fatigue as you gingerly press your lovely scrubs for another happy day of classes. The iron comes in its original box (gasp!) along with instruction manual and the list of authorized service centers. All this going for the incredible price of 90 pesos! What a steal!

If interested, and I know you are, contact me via email at asok_d_intern@yahoo.com

P.S. - I will be back in Mexico in the last week of December for in-person exchange. If we make a deal, be sure to bring the cash (unmarked bills) in a silver, metal briefcase and make sure you are not being followed.