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Subject: Tommy's Concepts

Subject: Tommy's Concepts
Tommy's Concepts for the USMLE Step 1


to study step 2CK.  So...<br />
 <br />
q- 80 yo F, URI, has generalized weakness, headache, blurry vision.   Her FP doctor diagnosed her w/ sinusitis.  She then took antibiotics for 2 days.  Then she had chills, lightheadedness, vomiting, blurry vision, aches and pains, headaches.  PE:  high temp. of 103 F, nuchal rigidity and sleepiness.  What to do next???<br />
 <br />
1- Get MRI, then lumbar puncture<br />
2- Oral Zithromax<br />
3- IV ceftriaxone w/ ampicillin<br />
4- IV acyclovir