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Subject: Tommy's Concepts

Subject: Tommy's Concepts
Tommy's Concepts for the USMLE Step 1


50-year-old, malnourished man comes to your office for evaluation of jaundice, ascites, and tenderness in the right upper quadrant. PE shows mild hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, as well as generalized muscle wasting. Ultrasound examination confirms the presence of an enlarged liver and a small amount of ascitic fluid. Laboratory studies show:<br />
Low albumin, Hyperbilirubinemia, AST>>ALT (**Key finding), Mildly elevated alk phos., Neutropenia, Elevated GGT<br />
What disease is this?<br />
1-Acute hepatitis<br />
2-Alcoholic hepatitis<br />
3-Acute pancreatitis<br />
4-Hepatitis B<br />
5-Hepatitis C<br />
6-Alcoholic cirrhosis