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Subject: Tommy's Concepts

Subject: Tommy's Concepts
Tommy's Concepts for the USMLE Step 1


q) A <b><i><u>4 year old male</u></i></b> named Kurt Co**** has <b><i><u>sudden onset</u></i></b> of dry cough with a small amount of bright red blood produced when he coughs. He has had no fevers, runny nose, or vomiting. In the Emergency Department a chest x-ray shows <b><u>hyperexpansion </u></b>of the right lung and clear lung fields. Diagnosis please?<br />
A) Strep. Pneumonia<br />
B) Viral Pneumonia<br />
C) Cystic fibrosis <br />
D) A-V malformation<br />
E) Pneumothorax<br />
F) Hemothorax<br />
G) Sudden Pleural Effusion<br />
H) Ateleclasis<br />
I) Foreign body aspiration<br />
J) Tuberculosis<br />
K) Ascaris Lumbricoides<br />
l) Mycoplasma pneumonia