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Subject: Tommy's Concepts

Subject: Tommy's Concepts
Tommy's Concepts for the USMLE Step 1


A little bit hard, Anatomy<br />
<br />
You see a previously healthy 50-year-old woman named Ashley Judd who comes to you because of double vision for three days. No fever. There are migraine headaches and occasional difficulty recognizing faces. The patient denies nausea or vomiting. Examination reveals ptosis and slight divergence of the right eye. Extraocular movements are limited in all directions, <u>except laterally</u>. The right pupil is larger than the left and poorly reactive to light. Examination of the fundus fails to reveal papilledema. Which of the following is the most likely underlying condition?<br />
<br />
1-Aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery<br />
2-Aneurysm of the posterior communicating artery<br />
3-Aneurysm of the right carotid artery<br />
4-Aneurysm of the Lateral Striate artery<br />
5-Aneurysm of the right cerebral artery