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    Thinking about amputating finger becasue of psoriasis...


    I have had bad psoriasis on my left hand index finger (one next to thumb?) for about 1 year now.

    The psoriasis only occurs on the tip to the first joint. It is PAINFUL, and I hate it.

    I am seriously considering amputating the end of my finger to eliminate this issue. If I presented this idea to my doctor do you think he will think I am crazy or is a request like this acceptable since it is my body and I should be able to dictate what I cut off and what I don't?

    I have not found anything that treats the psoriasis well enough that my finger is not so sore.



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    First of all you can ask your doc everything without taking into consideration wether or not he will think you are crazy- I just don't think he will do it!!!
    A) Evidence based medicine- nowhere is it found that amputation is therapeutic in psoriasis.
    Psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune disease and as such removing the "limb" wouldn't necesarily take care of it!
    B) Also intuition- amputation sounds a bit much! You wouldn't cut off your leg in a case of sprained ankle- although it would probably heal it.
    C) Because of the forementioned statement- a doctor could lose his license doing something like that.
    D) With respect to the finger being your finger- doctors are bound to a different code of ethics- just like they can't aid in suicide or do all sorts of funky things in the field of cloning they can't amputate a finger because the patient so desires.
    E) I don't want to offer medical advice through this forum but it sounds to me like you should get a good dermatologist- make sure it's psoriasis, usually it appears on extensor surfaces (not the finger) and usually it comes in flare ups. Maybe you have something else that hasn't responded to anti-psoriatic meds.
    F) With psoriasis there is also a large emotional factor- just chill!!! It's not the end of the world!!! Relaxation is actually therapeutic because psoriasic flare ups is associated with stress. If your lesions are just on your finger then you have it good- it could be a lot worse so just relax so that it won't get worse!!!
    Hope this helps
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    This is not a forum for seeking medical advice. You should speak with your physician. G
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