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    CK studying pattern... will this work???


    Hey i am currently studying for CK... i am scoring about 64% all unused timed full blocks on UW... with 32% left...

    after i do a couple blocks i sit and review any questions i got wrong or was unsure about and then write the explanations in a notebook... i look up anything that is needed on Step Up Internal med or other sources...
    so i have a notebook with new stuff i learnt....
    and its a lot of material...
    (to give an example if i was unsure about viral exanthems... i looked it up on blueprints and reviewed and took a page of notes on diff diagnosis)

    and i also read the green book by Adam Brochert for like 1 hr a day when i do cardio at the gym and have gone thru it like twice already....

    I scored well on one nbme... but am worried if my technique is flawed....
    the only kaplan book i have read is Surgery cases on the lecture notes... (because i dont feel i retain much if i read those books over and over again)

    I guess i am worried that if i dont do kaplan individually but use UW as my study guide will i be at a big disadvantage...?!??!?

    Please give me some suggestions on what u think i should do...

    I am looking to score about a 230...
    I have a month and a half left to the date...

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    Usmle step 2ck tips

    Don't worry about 2CK,
    Here is what worked for me & others that used my system:

    1. 2 Weeks: Read FA & BW
    2. 3-4 Weeks: Practice Qs from UW, about 100Qs/day for 20 days before the exam, and take the exam. (2000Qs review should suffice for either step 1 or 2ck.)
    3. Final week: Re-read FA & BW / Review Qs

    Good luck !

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