I should add that the first time I took the test I bombed it. I hardly studied as I had been informed by multiple people that the CS is basically an English test. Don't fall for the same story!

So I regathered, changed my strategy and the second time I passed by a very clear margin.

Study FA for CS, hard. I photocopied and cut out each individual mini case study and used them as flash cards. Went through them a few times until I was sure I could come up with a quick differential and workup for a given set of symptoms. (this took a couple of weeks of study after a day in the hospital).
I also did real-time practice with a partner (spouse works as well as a fellow student) including writing out a full PN and performing exams, timed. Went through the full cases in CS twice. We marked where I was making errors during the questioning and I re-read through the cases where I performed badly.

On your test day, stay calm, have differentials in your mind when going through the door, even take an extra 30 secs at the door to make sure you are focused when entering, and WRITE down a few differentials, 3 or 4. Take a focused history while ruling out any major risk factors. Smile, be personable, and show compassion.
Know your mnemonics! LIQORAAA and PAMHUGSFOSS worked well for me.

Follow the FA guidelines in terms of timing, ie: try to have your history done within 7 minutes, physical done in 5, and close in 1 or 2 min. This will give you an extra minute or two for your PN.

Physical exam: be brief, use the time during the physical to ask any questions that may pop into your head. Don't so anything unneccesary, but cover your bases in terms of ruling out major risk factors. I washed my hands because the gloves are cheap and break easily, also washing your hands gives you a few seconds to gather your thoughts. DRAPE!

PN. Use abbreviations, it saves TIME, they are all in the FA book. I alternated typing and writing, but that's a personal preference, I found it easier to type out the shorter cases, and hand write the longer ones. (there is more space if you hand write, but typing is quicker so it's a catch 22)
I wrote out my diff first, then workup/labs, then to the HPI, and finally the Physical exam part.
This is what worked for me, take from it what suits you, and just practice practice practice!

Good luck to all, hope this is helpful!