Date: August 4, 2003

The following memorandum is to provide an update on the progress toward obtaining a California “Approval” and a New York License.

In order to be licensed or approved a school must submit the full application as provided by the state. Secondly, a site team visit has to be arranged through the state. The team typically consists of three to four persons from the Board of Medical Examiners or the Department of Education, or both. Following the site visit, the team will produce a report as to their findings and their recommendations. Typically, during the next full meeting of the Board, the report will be officially submitted and a Board decision made.

Both California and New York have received the full application from St. Matthew’s University. At the California January 31, 2003 meeting in Los Angeles, the Board ordered a site visit to SMU for the fall. This site visit will involve two full days in Grand Cayman, one full day in Maine, and two full days in Chicago (clinical hospital reviews). The team will then submit their report the full Board which will most likely act upon those recommendations at its next full Board meeting. Presently, we are told to anticipate a site visit in early November of this year. We are currently arranging for schedules in Chicago hospitals. After this we will know the exact date of the site visit. The team’s report will be submitted to the full Board most likely for the full Board meeting around the end of January 2004. It is at this time we should anticipate a decision regarding our “approval”. Approval in California would allow our students to engage in third and fourth year clinical rotations, residencies, and obtain a license.

New York has set a site visit of Grand Cayman campus for September 21-28. Following the site visit the team will make its recommendations to the Board. Historical evidence has shown that we are likely to know of their final decision in approximately two months. If licensed, students will be eligible for unrestricted third and fourth year clinical rotations and to engage in a residency in New York.