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    Clinicals - greenbook - selectives/electives


    So this is kind of a random question, but I was just looking at the greenbook rotations for clinicals and it occured to me that I wasn't sure exactly how the selective/elective process works. I understand what they are and the options available, but I guess I have a few questions.

    First, is there such a thing as "green" rotations for selectives and electives? Or does it not matter where you do them?

    Second, do most students do their selective/electives at one of the affiliated hospitals or do most set up their own at other hospitals?

    Finally, do you have to complete all of your cores before you can start any of the selective/electives?

    Thanks for clarifying this for me. I'm just trying to understand the whole process.


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    Contact SMU

    You will get the most accurate answer to your question if you contact the clinical department directly. They are in charge of this area and they therefore will know the most information to answer you questions. Contact information is available at stmatthews.edu
    E. Goodbread
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