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    Couple questions regarding new students for next semester


    Hello everyone,

    Good information all over the forums!

    Some questions I have for all you current SMU students.

    For the immigration purposes do we really need to show them a police clearance certificate or is it not needed, because my state no longer does these things for any general purpose therefore its hard to get one these days.

    On that same note, if it is required can an old one be used? I have an old one which I used sometime back and seems okay but it is dated so could I just use this one since I most likely wont be able to get a new one in such a short time frame seeing as Ill be leaving for SMU at the end of this week?

    Any advise other than that would be appreciated.


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    You must have a police report and it must be dated within 6 months of when you will be arriving to the island. Please contact the immigration dept. if you need more information. 1.800.498.9700
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