6’ Computer Desk/Study Table and Chair
- Great table for studying, fits everything: Books, Lamp, Computer and Printer
- Perfect if you prefer to study at home, i.e. not in the cold- loud library!
- Very sturdy (hint, not plastic!)
- Sold at Kirks Office Supply here on the island for CI 90
- Study Chair Included! And no, it’s not the hard metal kind!
- Asking Price: 75 CI….
o If you need to see it in person, that can be arranged.
o Original Invoice available

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Lexmark Printer and Brand New Black Cartridge!
- Lexmark InkJet printer… light and pretty compact size, not big and bulky!
- Sold with/or without the Lexmark 16 Black Ink Cartridge
o ($30 for the ink the states…much more here!!)
- Cheaper than printing at school!
- Asking Price: (for both) 40 CI or 25 CI for printer alone

Desk Lamp
- This is one of those natural “sun-light” lamps that has no glare
- Lamp has special 13x longer-lasting bulbs…it even folds up!
- Asking Price: CI 25

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