I have the following books for sale. All of these books are in like new condition and are the exact books that St. Matt's requires you have. I have gone through University books online and made sure they were the correct edition that is currently being listed and required. There are also some recommended books that I found helpful while I was taking the course. I will even deliver them to you when you arrive on the island. This is the best way to get cheap books and not worry about the hassle and cost of shipping and handling. All Prices are in $US dollars.

First Smester Books

-Basic Histology (11th)- $59.95 new-----$40.00 from me

- Di Fiore's Atlas of Histology (10th)- $64.95 new-----$40.00 from me

Biostats and Epidemiology:
-Appleton and Langes review of Biostats and Epidemiology (1st)- $39.95 new----- $30.00 from me ( I actually have two of these for sale)

-Clinically oriented anatomy(Moore and Daley 5th) $74 .95 new---$55.00 from me

-USMLE Roadmap for Gross Anatomy--- $24.95 new----$15.00 from me

- Clinical Anatomy made Ridiculously Simple (2nd)-$20.00 new----$10.00 from me

-The Anatomy coloring Book(unused)---$10.00

-The Developing Human (Moore/Persaud 7th)- $59.95 new---$40.00 from me

BRS Series:
-Gross Anatomy (5th)
-Embryology (3rd)
-Cell Biology and Histology (4th)
All of these sell for $36.95 new and are $25.00 each from me

High Yeild Series:
-Embryology (2nd)
-Histology (3rd)
-Gross Anatomy(2nd)
All of these sell for $26.95 each new and are $15.00 each from me

Second Semester Books

-Lippincott Biochemistry (3rd)--$49.75 new---$40.00 from me

-Physiology (Costanzo 3rd)- $49.97 new---$40.00 from me
-Physiology Coloring Book (unused)-- $10.00

BRS Series:
-Physiology (4th)
-Biochemistry (3rd)
-Neuroanatomy (3rd)
All of these sell for $36.95 new and are $25.00 each from me

Any Question Please e-mail me at Jhoff6017@msn.com