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    Research at SMUFOM


    “Scientific inspiration can come from anywhere —people, an event, even an experiment gone awry.
    But perhaps nothing can drive innovation morepowerfully than the passion born of tragedy”
    In addition to our constant efforts in improving the academic excellence in SMUFOM, we have started
    a bunch of research projects. One of the upcoming projects is- The Early Detection of Diabetic
    Complications, Metabolic syndrome and even predicting the start of management in prediabetics
    using the metabolomic methods. This project is a joint effort of St. Martinus University faculty of
    Medicine & University of Hasselt (Belgium). We will use the metabolites as early markers for predicting
    complications related to Diabetes (Prognostication of Diabetes by the Metabolomic methods).
    NMR spectroscopy is a new emerging and most promising method of early detection of various
    pathologies with a much higher sensitivity and specificity than commonly available screening
    methods for various cancers (for which University of Hasselt already has got the patents), and we
    will be focusing on employing the NMR spectroscopy on the most common noncommunicable disease worldwide (Diabetes).
    The time is not far when we will be able to predict ahead of time about various
    complications in diabetics, and then employ the management and preventive measures for diabetic complications, which can prove as one
    of the biggest breakthrough in the ever evolving science of medicine.
    As much as are academics important in a student’s life, so is the importance of research
    and development of a creative mind, and so we will be involving our students in the research
    projects in SMUFOM during summers & the fall 2012 semester .
    Moreover the publications will help students not just establishing their names in the ever
    evolving field of science, but also give them insight of the integration of research and
    academics in the life of a clinician academician.
    SMUFOM is the only medical school in Curacao with Clinical Rotations and Research.

    ‎"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the B**l S**t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." ~ Jordan Belfort

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    How can we sign up for the research?

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