Santa has hidden 21 presents all across Gielinor during RS3 Christmas Event 2019! Until Jan 5th 2020, try to find all RS3 Christmas presents in the world to gain some Christmas cracker paper, the Rudolph jumper and more rewards.

What are Santa Christmas presents?

RS3 Christmas Event 2019 has started and will run until January 5th, 2020. During this event, there is a chance of obtaining a pile of presents hidden by Santa every day. Santa lost present can be found somewhere in the world, and speaking to Santa Claus in Varrock's Grand Exchange afterwards will grant a daily reward. Rewards will include Christmas cracker paper, a special Christmas title and a snazzy Rudolph jumper.

Where to find RS3 Christmas presents?

There is a red dot on the mini-map with a loot beam shooting up to help you find RS3 Christmas presents. Here are the locations of Christmas lost presents (updated every day):
Day 1 - Near the memorial fountain, north of Lumbridge Castle - 80 Christmas cracker paper
Day 2 - West entrance of Al Kharid, north of the bank - 80 Christmas cracker paper
Day 3 - Lumbridge Chickens on east side of river - 80 Christmas cracker paper
Day 4 - Jolly Boar Inn north of Varrock - 80 Christmas cracker paper
Day 5 - 1st floor of Varrock Palace, behind the staircase - 80 Christmas cracker paper and the Merry title

Use Christmas cracker paper for rewards

After obtaining some Christmas cracker paper, you can add it to a giant Christmas cracker in Grand Exchange to get a Christmas cracker crate. 100 Christmas cracker paper is required to get the reward from the Christmas cracker.

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