Balthazar Beauregard is coming back with his spectacular circus! From Sept. 1st, head to Balthazar in Burthorpe, collect raffle tickets and gain the new Golden Linza the Disgracedís equipment.
When & how to join in RS Balthazarís Big Raffle?

RS Balthazarís Big Raffle 2019 will run from September 1st to September 30th. During this members-only event, you can find Balthazar in Burthorpe and receive a free RuneScape raffle ticket every day. More raffle tickets can be gained by completing a daily challenge and tracking down Gilly Willikers.
Note: If you have missed some raffle tickets, you are able to get them by trading Balthazar a bond.

Prizes for RuneScape Balthazarís Big Raffle 2019

After obtaining RuneScape raffle tickets, you can turn in them to Balthazar for a chance to win a prize every day. The raffle tickets you hand in will increase the chance of winning a prize.
In RuneScape Balthazarís Big Raffle 2019, there is a chance to gain a new prize Ė the Golden version of RuneScape Linza the Disgracedís equipment. This degradable Barrows weapon and armour set consists of RuneScape Linzaís hammer, Linzaís shield, Linzaís helm, Linzaís cuirass and Linzaís greaves.
In addition, there are some prizes from the previous years, including:
Golden Godswords
Portable deposit boxes
Golden Warpriest armour
Deathtouched darts
Golden Barrows equipment
Golden Chaotic equipment
Protean packs

Donít forget to participate in RuneScape Balthazarís Big Raffle 2019 if you have interests. And if you want more information about RuneScape, simply come to RSorder.