You need to accept the fact that you may not be intelligent enough for medical school.

Dr. Andre Pinesett on youtube discusses your inability to do well in medical school, and your likelihood of failing out.

For most on here, you're fantasizing about a pipedream, and you're using the amygdala in your brain instead of the prefrontal cortex. You need to associate your grades in undergraduate with your likelihood of succeeding in medical school. Really, you need to have a 3.8 GPA to ensure that you can actually handle the vigorous workload that medical school throws at you.

Buy Dr. Andre Pinesetts guide to good study habits if you decide to persue medicine. If you cannot perform as he instructs, you won't make it in post-graduate studies.

Look up Dr. Andre Pinesett on for his the truth about caribbean medical schools video and watch it!

You're not good enough for medical school! is his mantra.

Chances are you will have a very difficult time accelerating through the program if you are not a top caliber student. Caveat Emptor! Choose wisely!