So Guys... I thought it would be good to have a list going so we know what to bring and stuff. One of the current students had posted a thread somewhere but I thought it would be easier to see it in a list form.
Current STUDENTS PLEASE PLEASE EDIT /ADD -- so us incoming students know what not to bring and what not to forget.

Jan 2013 Anguilla

Best Packing Advice:
"Maximize what you bring by bringing things that do not weigh a lot but are costly. Laptop, hard drive, flash drive, cloths that are must haves, etc.
Many people use up valuable space on things like food products, that only cost a couple extra dollars here. Bringing things like bug spray, and oatmeal are really a WASTE of space for minimal savings. Concentrate on light high quality items that are "must haves"."

***TO DO LIST***:
1. Open Bank Of America account/get Bank of Americ Debit Card:
FREE use at any Scotia ATM, one of which is inside the school!
Donít come here with a temporary one, it will expire in 30 days. Have
to apply for an account at least a few weeks before coming here. If you
have one already check the expiration date that it DOES NOT expire
while youíre on the island!
2. Get a Google Number: FREE Calls & Text to use & Canada
Must be registered while you are still in U.S./Canada by going to
www . google . com / voice & logging in with your Gmail account. The on the
left side of the screen click "Get/Register a Google Number". Proceed with
step by step instructions afterward. Then go to gmail, login
and you'll see a green headset on the left column. Click it to make phone
calls. If you want to check/send texts, go to google. com / voice
Also, once at google .com / voice, upper right hand corner click
Settings and set under Forwarding numbers for calls to be Forwarded to
your Gmail. REMEMBER: ONCE you're in Antigua you won't be able to register for this.
3. Install Talkatone on your iPod,iPhone,iPad or ANDROID device. Sign in with your
Gmail account and if you have Google Number already, you'll be able to
make and receive phone calls from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or
ANDROID as long as it is connected to wifi all for FREE!

4. Put a Travel Notice on ALL your Credit/Debit cards to prevent them being
denied once in Antigua. Call EACH one of your credit/debit cards to notify them
that you will be traveling. Otherwise your first or second transaction in Antigua
might be flagged as potential fraud by the credit/debit card fraud filter and will be
denied. Believe me I have experienced this and it is not fun. So call before you
well before you leave to put the travel notice on your account!
NOTE: If you're coming with a cashier's check better have a $1000 cash on you cause it might take that cashier's check at least 3 weeks or more to clear after you deposit it into a local bank.

5. Check EXPIRATION dates on your Passport, Driver License, Credit/Debit cards to
make sure none of these expire during the time period you will be in

6. PRINT that Immigration Letter emailed to you unless you received it
already printed in the mail. DON'T leave it for the night before your flight to find
out your printer will not print.
DO we get one in our packet?

7. Schedule a DENTAL cleaning/exam done and make sure all necessary DENTAL
work is done before you leave the states. There are dentists here but it would be
much better and cheaper to have all dental work done before arriving here.

8. Schedule and EYE Exam and order an extra pair of Prescription/Reading Glasses
to take with in case you break/lose your glasses on the island.

9. Go to a Travel Clinic and get all recommended Immunizations for traveling to
Antigua and Barbuda.

10. BEFORE you send ANYTHING by a BARREL KNOW that in addition to $100+ you'll spend for the barrel+shipping, you will be charged at least $50US DOCUMENTATION fee and HEAVY(around 100% items worth) Import Duties when retrieving your barrel from the port. You will also waste a whole day paying taxi's to take you from one place to another to get the barrel documentation cleared. That said you might as well buy whatever you might need once in Antigua and spend the same or even less in the end minus hassle of retrieving the barrel.

***PACKING & ONCE IN ANTIGUA airport what TO DO***:


12. PACK everything WRAPPED IN CLOTHING! Especially more expensive things you might be charged duties on. This will make them harder to find if your bag gets opened by customs since they would literally have to unwrap clothing from every little thing you bring and they DO NOT have time for that. The things you want to hide the most, in addition to wrapping in clothing, stuff them in a SPACE BAG vacuum bag(available in Walmart). Customs would hate to open one of those cause then it would also take forever for them to get your bags closed and you out of the way.

13. When the Antiguan Customs Officer will ask what are you bringing, your answer should be "My Personal Belongings". If they ask you 'Like what?'. Tell them a boring list of underwear, bra's, pencils, socks, etc..just make it as long and as boring as you can and DO NOT mention anything of value. If they do decide to open up your luggage, and despite the above given packing advice DO find something that they say you MUST pay a duty on. State that the item is used, it is for your OWN personal use and say that you only have $10US on you (funny enough whatever duty they might charge you is negotiable). Be very polite, calm and DO NOT get angry. If you are rude or angry towards the customs officer you will make things a hundred times worse. Being nice and smiling works best

14. FILLING OUT the Antigua Customs form which you will get while ON the plane DO NOT DECLARE ANYTHING or your bags will be searched for sure!! If you get opened and asked why you didn't declare something, just play stupid. "Oh I didn't know, I'm so tired" is the best excuse in the world! (This DOES NOT mean you should be trying to sneak through illegal drugs or firearms or anything that looks like a firearm. I believe tasers are illegal but Pepper Spray is fine). Also make sure you have the whole Customs form filled out, including the bottom 'Departure Record' portion or they'll make you get in the back of the line to fill it out. Don't forget to bring 2 black pens so you can fill out the form. No pens will be provided.

15. IF you are flying through SJU (San Juan, PUERTO RICO), you will only be allowed to take the smaller carry-on--your back pack--on top of the Turbo Prop airplane when you depart from SJU to Antigua. That said, make sure the MOST VALUABLE things, including your LAPTOP, are in the carry-on backpack that you would normally place under the seat infront of you, and the LESS VALUABLE things are in the larger roller carry-on as it will be placed under the plane in Puerto Rico, where damage and theft(which has happened) to your valuables is MORE likely. This is because the Turbo Prop airplane(which you are almost GUARANTEED to be on if you're flying through Puerto Rico) you would take to Antigua from Puerto Rico does not have sufficiently large overhead storage bins to place the regular roller type carry on. You will still be allowed to take both your smaller backpack and the roller carry on unto the airplane, it's just the roller carry on will travel underneath the plane separately from you. Your smaller backpack will always be on you.

16. When in Antigua Airport, IF you hire one of the guys in YELLOW shirts that will push your luggage on a cart, make sure to negotiate the TOTAL price with them before letting them push your luggage through customs. It should be no more than ONLY $1US per BAG!!! Make sure it is that BEFORE you let them put any bags on their cart. If they do not agree with that then ask another bag pusher in a YELLOW shirt(there's literally like 30 of them there). Some silly students get ripped $20US by a bag pusher to push 2 suitcases through Customs. It's $1 US per BAG, NO MORE!!

17. The TAXI to take you from the Airport to Student Housing will be provided FREE of charge and YOU DON'T TIP TAXIS IN ANTIGUA!!! IF THE DRIVER ASKS YOU FOR ANY PAYMENT WHEN DROPPING YOU OFF FROM THE AIRPORT AT STUDENT HOUSING IN A TAXI PROVIDED FOR YOU BY AUA YOU SHOULD NOT PAY!!! BUT the school will NOT pay the Taxi fee for any family member coming along (which could be up to $13.50 US a person, which you could negotiate down BEFORE getting into the taxi).



1. Passport that WONíT expire while youíre in Antigua (check the date!)
2. VISA to enter Antigua if you're not a U.S. Citizen or not a Citizen of a country the citizens of which Antigua allows to enter visa free.
3. US/Canada/other Driverís License that WONíT expire while youíre in Antigua (check the date!)
4. Credit/Debit cards that WONíT expire while youíre in Antigua (check the date!) (Don't forget to place a Travel Notice on each).
5. IF you can bring a SECOND debit card along with a CREDIT CARD to back you up in case your primary one fails to work.
6. Immigration Letter printed a few days before leaving NOT at the last moment (wonít be let into the country without this). That is if you didn't receive it in print in the mail.
7. Two Black Pens to fill out Immigration Form once on the plane
8. Spare Cash ($700-$1000) in case you can't immediately access ATM/use credit card for some reason. Also bring some $1 bills for bag pushers at Antigua Airport. Have at least 100 in 20's as it will be hard to exchange or get change for $100 bills unless you go to the bank or the Epicurean Supermarket.
9. Inhaler/Epinephrine pen/Oral Glucose or other medication on the plane with you (ONLY IF you have a medical condition that requires you to have any of these on you at all times)
10. Anti-diarrhea medicine ( just in case it shall strike you while on the plane)
11. U.S. Cell Phone & Charger (so you can contact family while on the way to Antigua. Can put it into standby with your cell company after you arrive in Antigua so you save money while still keeping your number. Then have the cell company take it out of standby the day before you are set to return to U.S. so you will have a means to contact your family on the way back)
12. Contact numbers for family back in U.S. written down on paper(home and cell phones numbers)
13. Few spare clothing/most important things in the CARRY-ON in case your two big pieces of luggage get lost on the way here (this happens to 10-20% of people when arriving on the same dates as most of your class, especially if flying through Puerto Rico or other islands via American or LIAT)
14. If Family/Friends are coming with you, then make sure when they're ready to leave Antigua to go back to US they have 70EC/$30US EACH to pay the 'Departure Tax'..otherwise they won't be allowed to leave.
15. Photocopy ALL the paperwork (Immunization forms, etc) that the school will want you to turn in just in case it ends up getting lost.

1. Background Check: As of now(Aug 2012) NOT required for Med1 or Med2. Basically all you need is a letter from your Police Dept. that you have no records with them. Might be required for certain extracurricular activities.
2. Immunizations Record: IF still is required by AUA (I'm not sure)
3. Healthcare Provider AHA (American Heart Assoc.) CPR Card if you already have one, if not it will cost just the same to get BLS certified form the school. Note even if you have the card they will still make you take the CPR practical and written just do not need to be in the class.


1. Several Sandwiches for the road. I find that Salami and or cheese sandwiches can last a while and not spoil without refrigeration.


1. 1 Terabyte Portable External Hardrive (Donít bring plug in the wall outlet type monsters). No your 2gb flash drive will no do here! Kaplan & Najeeb videos take up lots of space. Note: 1 Terabyte is NOT 1 Gigabyte! (1 Terabyte=1024 Gigabytes) ***AVOID Passport WD (Western Digital) external hard drives. Had 2 people report failures with these last semester.
2. 8GB Flash Drive (in addition to the external hard drive)---won't do by itself!
3. Reliable Laptop with antivirus software pre-installed. (Any $400 and under Toshiba or toher PC Laptop will be sufficient for reading powerpoints/watching videos and will do just as much as a $1,200 Mac) Free Antivirus software such as AVG and Avast are available under 'Most Popular Downloads' column at download . com However, if you do have the money, get Norton.
4. Recovery CD burned for the Windows models. This is an automated process and should not take long but might save you here if your laptop crashes. Here are the few step instructions you'll need:
5. Microsoft Office Suite for Windows or Mac. There will be a lot of Power Points to view for each class.
6. Wireless router with installation cd/instructions
7. Heat Pad for the laptop in case u like to put it on your lap. The vent holes need air circulation to keep the laptop sufficiently cooled down. DO NOT use your laptop in bed as it will eventually get clogged with lint and might start overheating.
8. For Macs: mini DVI male to VGA female adapter (optional, for hooking up your mac directly to the power point projector). Here is what it looks like: (search for a U.S. seller close to your state if u want to get it in time)
9. Unlocked quad band GSM type Phone (if donít want $20 island phone without a full alphabet keyboard that you can easily get at registration). Having an unlocked phone on you will allow you to call home right away as you will get a prepaid SIM card in your orientation packet right at the airport.
10. Voice recorder (if you think you can benefit from it. Some people do, others don't)
11. Rechargeable Double A, Triple A batteries and the charger for them
12. Alarm Clock--if the cell phone one is not sufficient. Local cheap cell phones have LOUD alarms.
13. Headphones for listening to music/watching study videos
14. 7 outlet surge protector strip is very useful here
15. Electrical extension cord
16. S-Video Cable (so you can display the video from your laptop to your TV, if ur laptop has S-video outlet)
17. Ethernet cable
18. Wrist watch with seconds (digital or analog) for taking pulse
19. $10 hair cutter from Walmart, CONAIR brand the best, will save time/money if you cut your own hair.
20. Optional: Android phone with Google Maps and map of Antigua precached if plan on travelling the island (real useful as will show your real time position on the map if the phone has GPS chip). Be sure you're able to Pre-cache the data in Google Maps by touching the screen until you can press an arrow to get to the menu, where there will be 'Pre-cache Map Area' option. If your Android does not offer that option see if you can reinstall the App.
21. DON'T haul your printer here. You are LIKELY to be charged import duties on it. With that in mind, might as well buy one here for $70 if you determine that library's printers (10cents/b&w and 25cents/color) do not suit your needs.

However, if you do decide to bring one,

DON'T buy an EPSON printer. If one of the colors is low, it won't let you print B&W and won't even let you scan! This is made by EPSON in order to FORCE you to buy ink. So virtually ALL of the printer's functions will be disabled if only one of the cartridges is empty.


1. MED 1 BOOKS that are good to have in print:

Physiology BRS by Costanzo & Physiology Textbook by Costanzo
(BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) by Costanzo 5th edition)
Physiology(the full textbook) by Costanzo 4th edition (NOT ond PDF!)
(Physiology: with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 4e (Costanzo Physiology))
Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry 5th Edition
Explanation: The larger Costanzo Physiology book is not available in a way that you
would benefit from in PDF(yes there is a ebook 3rd edition pdf where diagrams are split
half way bet. the pages). Physiology BRS by Costanzo I just find easier to follow in print,
but that is just me and it is on pdf. It's just the book is small enough and is SUPER useful
and a must have for Physiology. The Lippincott, yes it is on pdf too but it's a thin but
large page book with a lot of things on one page, so for me it's easier to follow it in print.
I know people who never opened Lippincott, just did powerpoints and were fine for
Biochem, but you might not be one of those people and need the book whether in print
or on pdf.

2. Blood Pressure Cuff & cheap stethoscope (donít waste your money on a Littman) I recommend this Omron brand one which was rates as good as a $150 Littman Cardio III, but costs under $20

3. Wrist watch with seconds (digital or analog) for taking pulse

1. Extra Pair Prescription/Reading Glasses
2. White Coat--short(just below belt length)
3. Back-pack (Ful brand backpacks are big and sturdy, but pricey)
4. 2 sets of scrubs (I hear a rumor to avoid BLACK scrubs, but not sure. Any case if you got Black just wash them with some bleach and you'll have grey lol)
5. Clipboard--REQUIRED for anatomy lab. Just a THIN clipboard, don't haul one of those EMT ones with storage space underneath.
6. Small whiteboard and Dry Erase markers
7. Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
8. Notebooks: ONLY if weight permissible. Can be bought in Antigua
9. 3-5 sets of formal clothes (HAVE to dress formal 2-3x/week) Shirts, dress pants, ties/dress blouse, professional skirt
10. 1 set dress shoes (don't have to be high heels)
11. Classroom clothes: hoodies/jackets for cold classrooms(a/c can get real cold!)
12. Ear Plugs
13. EXTRA pair of glasses (if you lose or break yourís will be hard to replace)
14. EXTRA contact lenses/solution

1. Prescription Medication & extra prescriptions if necessary
2. Bandaids/Benadryl/Anti-diarrhea medicine/Neosporin/Anti-itch cream(for mosquito bites)/Tylenol
3. Toothbrushes & Toothpaste(weight permissible, otherwise bring a small tube)
4. Lubricating eye drops (your eyes will get dry from all the studying, trust me)
5. Shavers (electric or extra blades for manual)
6. Nail Clippers/Scissors
7. Shampoo/Sponge/Body wash or Bar of Soap(small bottles if not enough weight left) so can take your first shower here.
8. Shower slippers (reduce your chances of catching athlete's foot)
9. Sunglasses/Clipons to protect your eyes from the bright sun
10. Sunscreen lotion (only a small wonít really have to time to be in the sun much)
11. bug spray (OFF!)--only if you have space, can be bought here
12. Bathroom/Washroom supplies- Shower gel, shampoo(only if you have space, these can be bought here. The weight/space they take up can be used for better, high quality items)
13. Roll of Toilet Paper--funny but this advice saved me. My bathroom did not have one when I arrived.


1. Small Lightweight Umbrella(rain showers will do hit&runs on you here)

1. bed sheets
2. Pillow(in a vacuum sealed space saver bag!)-will not be there in some places!
3. Reusable Water Bottle (to carry water with you..will get thirsty lots)
4. Can/Bottle opener--get the cheap manual type, don't haul the electric one.
5. Sandals(2 pairs will wear out quick)
6. Gym Shoes
7. Gym Clothes
8. Swimwear
9. Basic Utensils (if u want ur own, otherwise will be provided!!)
10. Brita Water filter (I found sometimes Brita does not filter everything. I only use it if you plan to cook otherwise just buy water in 5 liter jugs). I don't drink Brita filtered water after I saw it does not filter out some rust/deposit particles after boiling Brita filtered water.
11. Coffee Makers (Not provided in some housing so check with someone)
12. Rice Cooker (if you need rice to survive)
13. Small George Foreman Grill (if you have space for it after other more expensive stuff)
14. Plastic Hangers (if you have space, otherwise can get 30 for 30EC in Epicurean)
15. Eye Glasses repair kit (sold in dollar stores/walmart)
16. Canned/packaged foods(if you have space, otherwise youíre wasting your space on this)
17. George Foreman Grill (smallest, lightest version u can find at walmart), but with the whole weight and space limit I would only bring it if you think it's something you would use or even find sells a small one that is really light..but not light enough if you don't have any space.
18. Hat (cowboy or 1930's gangster style) with wide brims to cover you from the sun when you venture out.


1. Key chain type Pepper Spray (put it in the NON-carry-on luggage or it will be confiscated). Foam unit for the room. Here is one I recommend:
2. Laptop Lock(under $4 with ship!):
3. LED Flashlight ($7.25 with shipping!)I have this one and it's pretty cool!
4. Keychain flashlight (good for trying to open that lock at night)
5. IF you plan on Biking/Jogging outside of campus: Expandable Baton over 30 in long (Dogs here will chase bikers/joggers and a stick works best against them. Helped me from getting bitten when I decided to bike here once.)
6. Door alarm
7. Personal Panic alarm(if you panic before an exam..just kidding!)