For all the new students I advise you to read through my posts on Medical School Memoirs which I have been writing since I was an MD1 in September 2009. I finished basic science in Bonaire and I wrote my experiences and all the pros and cons there.

You get more question answered from students who lived there and are living there than the SJSM staff. Only few SJSM staff members go to the island for couple of days so when you call they can't answer all your questions. However, I lived there and studied there.

Bonaire government told SJSM staff some things which were not true so when we got there we were in for few surprises. Such as the $571 residency deposit, I was not told that because SJSM staff was not told that. However things changed, the deposit is no longer necessary because the Dutch government took over the island and they are aggressively modernizing it.

So, I invite new students and the new MD1 students to read Medical School Memoirs

Also another blog Life of a Medical Student is written by a current MD3 but he hasn't updated his blog since last November. Check it out.