Hey, I have an very dependable, lightweight KMS Mountain Bike that has served me faithfully during my tenure in Bonaire! Have NEVER had any problems with the bike and when reaching my destination, I just pick it up and literally sling it across my shoulders- it is so lightweight.

I have included a sturdy bike lock and a brand new, free cellphone with purchase; this is just my way of saying "thanks" and welcome to Bonaire!

You can arrange payment via paypal and my user name is [email protected]. Please opt to send your payment through paypal as "personal, gift" rather than "purchase." THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS This ensures that there are no fees incurred by you or me from paypal.

You can contact me through
[email protected].
Also, let me know when you are d/t arrive in Bonaire so that I can have the bike, phone, and lock delivered to you. This bike will prove to be an asset to you as it was to me; I hope that you enjoy it.

Thanks for your inquiry and I await hearing from you.