Hello and congratulations on your acceptance to SJSM!

I have a gently used Anatomy book that you will definitely need for MD1 as well as histology and embryology books that will be very beneficial to you
as I have marked the pages, color coded, and lightly highlighted subjects of importance to get you ready for your exams!

These beneficial items will help you immensely and impact your studies greatly.

For the gently used anatomy book, embryology book, and the very beneficial, color coded histo book (exactly what's required for MD1) will all go for just $95. Please respond quickly if you are interested as I am sure these items will go fast. I received all A's in these classes in part because of these marked books~

You can pay via my paypal account (tobosteodoc @ yahoo.com
) and I will hold these items for you and have them ready for you upon your arrival in Bonaire. Please let me know as soon as possible