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    Rice cooker,Brita Water filter,Cordless phone,printer,cellphone,boxing gloves:CHEAP!


    Great rice cooker for $20- Use with your stir frys or to cook rice easily with no sticky residues! Good Study-brainfood!

    Brita Water Filter (comes with 2nd new filter) - $45. For Great tasting water every time!

    Cordless phone With Charger- $20, (great cheap phone for your apartment!)

    SPECIAL DEAL, GREAT STEAL: Great HP Laserjet P1006 Printer with additional new cartridge: $145! For all your printing needs: powerpoints, notes, special diagrams for class, etc! this is a must have!

    Cellphone: $35 (Now you've got a cheap reliable phone-the biggest expense-out of the way, now just put minutes on it through Digicel Bonaire)

    What! 16 oz Boxing gloves with head gear (BRAND NEW)- $60! For those times that you want to wind down from studying, slamdunk your roommate, or just have some good ol' fashioned fun!

    High Tech Surge protector: BRAND NEW! will continue to provide power for you more than 1 hour- when the power goes out in Bonaire~ a lifesaver! ($65)

    Total price: $390. Pay separately for each item or $299 takes it all!
    email me at; tobosteodoc @ yahoo . com. put all the words together~ paypal info: tobosteodoc @ yahoo . com (put all words together~ Have a good day!
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