Since the two leads I had on the island have dried up, I'm getting this posted a little late in the process.

For sale:
1995 Ford Escort hatchback
1.9L four-cylinder engine
5 speed manual transmission

Excellent gas mileage--I'm getting about a full semester out of a tank of gas
I've never had any issues starting or running the car. Starts every time I ask it to.
I've added:
Seat covers
Steering wheel cover-might need replaced since the sun isn't real good for them
Added undercoating to the lining of the trunk--slows down rust
Two new tires--the other two have a good couple years left on them
I need to get this sold so price is negotiable, but $1500 is what I need to get out of it.
I'm leaving the island on the 14th and need to get this sold before then.