I have a group of physicians that's interested in preceptorship for medical students in Lagrange, GA 30241. Here are the available clerkships/rotations:

Medical clerkships/rotations

  1. Internal Medicine core ( 6 weeks inpatient and 6 weeks outpatient)
  2. Outpatient internal medicine elective at least 6 weeks
  3. Nephrology (inpatient or outpatient)
  4. Cardiology at least 4 weeks
  5. Pulmonary and/or critical care at least 4 weeks
  6. Family medicine 6 weeks
  7. Family medicine elective at least 4 weeks
  8. Urgent care outpatient at least 4 weeks
  9. General surgery (12 weeks)
    Pediatrics and ob/gyn are coming in 1 month

    You literally can complete your cores and electives here with our hospital if you want. Please Contact us for more information. We are here to help and our attendings love teaching. Some attendings trained at Harvard, Yale or Mayo clinic