I just want to put a plug in for a few different businesses. I have purchased lots of parts and had them all installed, at a few different places. I have found that the following businesses were most likely to charge very fair rates, be easy to negotiate with (I never paid the original quoted price, and bartering was polite and simple), and the quality of the parts and work has been excellent--very speedy too! Same day on all jobs, many under 4 hours.

Parts: 3 O's: This place is back behind the KFC and has great deals on parts and stereos. Very willing to negotiate.

Electrical: Magic: Has a place in woodlands (Between grand anse and westerhall). Amazing electrical abilities, very thorough.

Mechanical: Katu: Works with magic but does the mechanical stuff. Sper friendly, very good labor rates, sound knowledge.

I can't post any phone numbers (I don't think), but PM me if you can't fins them in the phone book. Thanks


PS If I can post phone numbers, someone could let me know and I will gladly do so. This post is also in the SGU Post under services, #s listed.