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    The Nightmare of Dealing with Vaccinations Health Forms at SGU


    In previous terms I had friends who kept telling me about their frustration dealing with
    getting the vaccinations Health Form approved. They told me it was a lot of rigmarole, with little explanation, and that there was someone named Susan Conway who came to the island every few months to help and provide information. However, when she did come to island they told me he had trouble tracking her down to ask a few questions.
    So now in Term 5 I am experiencing the same thing. At her mandatory lecture, Susan Conway said she would be available "in the morning" every day this week, but I didn't remember her stating the location. I woke up early , eager to take the bull by the horns and get some questions answered. I went to the Dean of Sciences but they did not know where she or Leslie Marino was located.I went to Brown Hall and they directed me to the Clinic. I went to the Clinic and they said they had no idea where Leslie Marino and Susan Conway were located. A student in line behind, seeking to assuage my frustration, told me to go to SuperDorm floor 4. I went there and it looked like dorm rooms. I went up a floor to the Clinicals Department and they told me they had never heard of Leslie Marino or Susan Conway, and that students kept coming to their Department, wanting to get vaccinations-related questions answered, only to leave empty-handed. They called around to various administrators and none of them could locate either of the two women.
    I got a message from an administrator I had talked to earlier that Superdorm floor 6 was the place to go, but surprise, surprise, when I went there the next day
    no one knew where the two women were located or where Health Requirement form issues were dealt with.
    It was starting to feel like a Twilight Zone episode.
    When I went to Small Group to talk to other students told me they were getting the same treatment...
    Seriously, can't something be done to facilitate getting the Vaccinations Health form out of the way. Students work hard to get this
    stuff done and pay a lot of money only to get the runaround in Term 5. Can't SGU do better than this? I have had some strange experiences
    here dealing with the bureaucracy but this one takes the cake.
    P.S. Ms. Conway made the unusual request of "no video" for her lecture then was rude to people when she spoke. What exactly is going on with this person?
    P.P.S. Oh, okay, now I don't feel so bad for speaking out. I notice from old posts she's been causing people grief at SGU since at least 2007. Sigh.
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