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    St. Georges University student health insurance info for the January 2016 class


    There was a question yesterday here as well as in the 2016 Facebook group about whether one should sign up for the SGU policy or opt out. Being that January will be my first term at SGU, I can't speak on the quality of of the policy and honestly, I hope that I will not have cause to use it. However, should something happen, I feel much better knowing that I will have coverage. I have attached some information that I received after I enrolled in the plan and it may help you make your decision(s) regarding whether or not to enroll in the plan. One of the features that I like is that when you are back in the states, your provider network is the United Healthcare PPO; I currently work for United Healthcare / Optum and can attest to the quality and responsiveness of the PPO. On the other hand, pharmacy benefits are covered in the states by Optum Rx and they are probably the most problematic aspect of the health plan. I get at least three calls a day from members who are having issues with getting a prescription approved.

    If you should decide to opt out of the schools policy, make sure that whatever policy you choose will provide a comparable level of coverage, particularly when you are studying in Grenada or England. Given that I work for UHC and have cousins who currently work for Aetna, I can tell you that both companies have some decent policies that are comparable to the schools policy but you won't be saving much as compared to the schools policy (~$50 to $100 month). There are a lot of lower cost alternatives but not all meet SGU's minimum coverage standards and many have very limited international and/or out-of-network benefits. If you choose one of these policies, you may find yourself on the receiving end of significant medical costs should you need to use your health plan.

    Other points about the school sponsored plan:

    • Your Physician and Hospital In-Network Benefits are administered, along with pharmacy benefits, by Worldwide Expatriate Association ("WEA"), our General Managing Underwriter.
    • True Blue Pharmacy and ********'s Pharmacy in Grenada also have independent arrangements with the company.
    • Your Health Insurance ID # will be issued directly by WEA via email. Please monitor your SGU email account.
    • Once your ID and logon is issued, you will need to set up an account and print your ID card at: The WEA website is extremely comprehensive and user friendly. This website will serve as the most valuable tool with value-added features such as: electronic submission of claims, product information, verification of benefits, and much more.
    • The cost of the 7 month policy is $1,285.00 in addition to a student health insurance facilitation fee of $100. If you have enrolled a dependent(s) on the plan, this will come through as a separate charge on your student account. These amounts will be reflected on your next statement from the Office of Student Finances. This policy charge is non-refundable.
    • All students studying in Grenada will be automatically enrolled in a separate Air Evacuation Plan and the cost of $125 will be charged to the student's account.

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    I know this is a two year old thread (sorry for the necrobump), but this is great info, Thanks!!

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